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Frequently Asked Questions

I have generated the code. So, how do I insert the code into my website?
The code should be added before the closing </body> tag in every pages.
Do I have to add the code to every page?
The code has to be on every page you want to have dictionary-box. If you have a file, like a footer file (common to every page), you can add the code in the common footer. So, the dictionary-box code will be included in every pages.
Dictionary Box does not show up at Internet Explorer?
Dictionary Box works with all modern browsers(Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.) but Internet explorer needs a valid Doctype specification to work correctly. (what is doctype?)
I have Installed the Dictionary Box WordPress plugin but nothing is showing up on my site?
Please check your Wordpress theme, all themes must have <?php wp_footer(); ?> function. This is a WordPress theme development standart. See how to fix this.


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